UPDATE: #BibleChallenge2020


With Simchat Torah passing last weekend we start the cycle of Torah and Scripture study anew for the next year.

For those also would that have never read the Scriptures or the Bible we would suggest that now is the perfect time to begin!

If it’s your first time ever to take on such an endeavor we suggest, no matter the translation you use, that as you read you keep a notepad and pen by your Bible. When something stands out to you take note of it- there is a reason it does.

If you have already read the Scriptures before we challenge you to dig deeper. Look into the various translations, look into the original texts, discover the deeper Truth within the texts, and the revelations within them.

(If you feel the Spirit move you to do so, post about what you’ve read in Scripture and what new insights you’ve gained in doing so on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BibleChallenge2020.)

If you have any questions in your reading we are here to help as best we can. Look to your Deacons and your Union Elders for guidance as we move forward into next year! #BibleChallenge2020


— Benjamin F. Terry

UPDATE: Dai Small Groups


Dai Mission Ministries has officially decided to create and sponsor small group congregations in each of our Union territories. We will be incorporating these into our ministry structure and listing them on our website soon.

Sometimes, no church, synagogue, or other religious organization in a given area is affiliated with Dai Mission Ministries, and some areas have no Messianic Jewish/Hebraic Roots presence whatsoever. Small groups answer that desperate need. These are small collections of believers and seekers — as the name “small group” suggests — that meet up wherever they can: coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, parks, public meeting places, or at the houses/living spaces of the organizers or some of the members. Some small groups even meet up at local churches, synagogues, or other congregations who may be friendly toward their theological teachings, but who may not want any official involvement with Dai Mission Ministries for one reason or another.


In general, small groups will be run by individual Deacons affiliated with Dai Mission Ministries, and each Deacon will have the freedom to run their small groups as they see fit, operating under the authority of their local Dai Mission Unions. This offers small groups much more freedom compared to organized congregations or other religious entities.

We’re still defining what Dai small groups will be and how they’ll be run. If you’re interested in running a small group and helping Dai Mission Ministries define our small group structure, contact us for more information.