Part of the dream that is Dai Mission is a concept that has come to be known as Dai Institute: a separate learning institute dedicated to the study of the Torah, the Tanakh, the words of Christ and His followers, and other related or comparative historic, theological, or philosophical works.

The germ of this idea is found on our Educational Resources page, where we have housed whatever spiritual or theological works we could cobble together that have formed the backbone of Dai Mission Ministry’s unique theology. The resources found there are only the beginning of wisdom, however.

Dai Institute will hopefully be its endpoint… and the beginning of a whole new adventure!

Dai Mission Ministries’ council of elders is currently formulating a curriculum for what will eventually become Dai Institute. For the time being, Dai Institute will exist solely in lessons taught at the small group level or as a curriculum posted here on our website for self-directed distance learners. Eventually, however, we hope to incorporate Dai Institute into Dai Mission itself as a separate seminary housed on the grounds of what will become Dai Mission/Kibbutz Goshen, though these plans are still tentative for the time being.

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