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Whenever we are asked to explain our beliefs, one question often posed to us is: “Where did you get these beliefs? What sources led you to these truths?”

While responding with the words, “From Scripture!” would be easy and honest, such a response wouldn’t tell the whole story. Only a careful study of the Judeo-Christian source texts that holy writ and tradition are derived from can lead one to the fullness of truth. We at Dai Mission Ministries believe that such study is the ultimate path to lasting spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment in a troubled, ever-changing world.

On this page, you’ll find links to the theological educational materials that formed the backbone of Dai Mission Ministry’s beliefs.


Bible Translations


Apocryphal Works

  • Book of Enoch: PDF [1.05 MB]
    (Rev. George Schodde translation)
  • Didache (or The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles): PDF [67 KB]
    (J.B. Lightfoot translation)
  • The Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible, Known as the Apocrypha: PDF [643 KB]
    (BlackMask Online Collection [defunct])




Study Guides


Miscellaneous Spiritual Resources



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