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Blowing the Shofar of Messianic Unity Throughout the Four Corners, West Texas, and Beyond!


Who are the Dai?
The Dai were initially a small, eclectic group of people of various creeds, philosophies, and faiths who came together in West Texas back in 2005 to discover the truth behind the Biblical texts and other spiritual writings, their studies primarily focused on the meaning and intent of the original source documents that formed the Tanakh, the New Testament, and the Apocryphal texts. Over time, the Dai eventually adopted a theology similar to that of the Hebrew Roots movement. By nature, the Dai are spiritual, scholarly, and self-sufficient soldiers of God.


What is Dai Mission Ministries?
The original idea behind Dai Mission was to create a sanctified safe haven where Christians, mainstream and Messianic Jews, and non-believing seekers could find rest, food, and spiritual rehabilitation, preparation, and communal celebration, like old-style Catholic monasteries and missions. Whenever life gets too harsh, people could come to the mission and separate themselves from the outside world for however long they wanted and find respite from job, family, and financial worries, get clean from drugs if needed, and delve into Scripture — get your mind right, get your body right, get your life right.

It’s not as strange a concept as it might sound. Organized monasticism has been a Christian tradition since the 3rd century AD, and old world Judaism had its Essenes and Perushim. In the modern era, a new monastic movement has even developed among modern Christians of all denominations, including evangelicals.

Since its origins in 2008, the concept that became Dai Mission Ministries has evolved into a spiritual mission to: maintain the spiritual health of the Judeo-Christian community; address spiritual brokenness within this community; restore the lost to faith in the Father; and facilitate unity within the body of the Messiah, whether its members be Gentile Christians, Messianic Jews, or anything in between. To do this, Dai Mission Ministries aims to create Messianic Unions in communities throughout the American Southwest to bring local ministries together under the banner of God, and to found a Hebrew Roots yeshiva (a Jewish theological college or seminary) for Christian and Messianic Jewish students or for anyone who wants learn more about the Holy Scriptures.

After working with other seminaries, yeshivas, and congregations throughout New Mexico and Colorado towards its goal of monastic yeshiva within the Western Slope of Colorado, Dai Mission Ministries has begun working with the leadership of the various Hebraic and Messianic congregations of the Western Slope of Colorado and the Four Corners area to:

  • establish local centers for Messianic unity;
  • bridge the differences between our local congregations through tolerance and education;
  • provide support to the local Messianic ministries and to Christian ministries interested in the Hebraic roots of their faith;
  • and emphasize our unity in Yeshua through action and education.

As part of its mission to local Hebraic and messianic believers, the ministry’s local Messianic Unions will provide a Hebrew roots worship service ministry on Friday nights, as well as sending speakers to Christian worship services to provide their specialized knowledge of the Hebrew language, how it affects understanding of the Old Testament, and how this connects to the New Testament upon request.

Later, Dai Mission Ministries intends to found Kibbutz Goshen: a self-sustaining, agrarian, Messianic planned community and religious mission.


Dai Mission Ministries, Inc. is a religious non-profit organization incorporated in Delta, Colorado.

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