UPDATE: Siddur for Small Groups


We at Dai Mission Ministries are working on our own Messianic/Hebraic Roots siddur for small groups, which we are excited to present to you now!

A siddur is a Jewish prayer book containing a set order of liturgies — public forms of worship and public or private prayers prescribed or endorsed by official religious organizations — for either everyday use or designed for Sabbath services or use in specific holidays. Most (if not all) synagogues have siddurs on hand, usually issued by a formal religious institute or publishing company (such as the Jewish Publication Society).

The Messianic Jewish/Hebraic Roots community already has several wonderful siddurs published or sold by a number of Messianic publishers (like the magnificent staff at First Fruits of Zion), independent Messianic and Messianic-affiliated authors (like Jeremiah Greenberg), or sold by Messianic/Hebraic ministries (like Hatikvah Ministries). However, while all of these siddurs are excellent works guided by superb research and steeped in the Spirit of the Lord, few of them are specifically tailored for use by small groups, and none of them possess that Dai Ministries flair or the special ministerial focuses that Dai Mission Ministries have been tasked with.

With that in mind, Dai Mission Ministries is working on publishing our own Messianic/Hebraic Roots Shabbat siddur perfect for use by small groups. This document is still a work-in-progress, but the basic “backbone” prayers and order of service for the Sabbath day are presented here in a handy-dandy Microsoft Word document.

Feel free to peruse the document as it currently exists. Remember: we’re still working on this text, so consider this an “open-source Alpha build”. If you have any comments or suggestions for additions or other improvements to this siddur, please contact us with your ideas!

(This document will also be included in our Dai Institute Research Library.)


  • Dai Mission Ministries Siddur for Small Groups: [DOCX]
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