Dai Mission Ministries Endorses NACM Christian Chaplaincy Course

Dai Mission Ministries officially endorses the NACM Christian Chaplaincy Program. As stated on the National Association of Christian Ministers website:

The NACM CHRISTIAN CHAPLAINCY COURSE is a thorough, practically equipping, inspiring and confirming preparation to be an effective volunteer or community chaplain […] It is also excellent training for any Christian or Christian minister, chaplain or not, who is led to minister to hurting people, whatever the cause or crisis.

We fully endorse the NACM chaplaincy program and recommend that all Deacons, Pastors, and Elders take this excellent course.

The course costs $59.95; the two textbooks required for the course are available on Amazon for anywhere from $3 to $40. Dai Mission Ministries will cover the cost of the course for any members who wish to enroll in this program; we will not, however, cover the costs of the textbooks.

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