Invitation to Pro-Israel Christian Congregations

The Eldership of Dai Mission Ministries would like to extend an invitation to pro-Israel Christians and pro-Israel Christian congregations to participate in events with or membership in Dai Mission Ministries.

The leadership of Dai Mission Ministries has realized that there are many Christian congregations that support Israel. Through their support of Israel, these congregations have come to an awakening of the importance of keeping the Sabbath, observing the High Holy Days, and coming to a deeper understanding of the Torah and the Tanakh (Old Testament). We would like to partner with these congregations and help enrich their knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures.

While we understand that many pro-Israel congregations still meet on Sundays, we encourage these congregations to hold Hebraic-themed worship services on Friday evenings. We also encourage these congregations to teach their congregants to rest from all work on Saturdays. We also encourage these congregations to host Messianic Jewish speakers at their Sunday or Wednesday worship services.

If you would like to become a member of Dai Mission Ministries, please visit our Membership page.

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