As stated in our About Us and History pages, the idea for Dai Mission Ministries was originally an idea for Dai Mission alone: an old-style Christian mission site — a combined Messianic yeshiva (Jewish educational school, typically focusing on theological & philosophical instruction), monastery (a communal living space for religious anchorites), and house of worship for the members of the Dai — updated for modern Messianic Jewish spiritual sensibilities that would be constructed in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. The Mission would be open to mainstream Christians, Messianic Jews, and non-believing seekers in need of physical rest, spiritual rehabilitation, and separation (temporary or permanent) from the outside world. The Mission would be a place where someone could (as Ben Terry once put it) “get your body right, get your mind right, get your life right.”

While this concept might seem alien to modern Jewish adherents (Messianic or otherwise), organized monasticism in one form or another has been a part of both Judaic and Christian religious history since the days of the Essenes — the celibate, ascetic sect of Jews (2nd Century BC – 1st Century AD) who gave us the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Though the concept of Dai Mission from 2008 would ultimately expand into Dai Mission Ministries over the years, the idea of building Dai Mission as a Messianic Jewish monastery-cum-yeshiva was never forgotten. Indeed, the Dai Mission concept is still one of Dai Mission Ministry’s long-term plans. In the near future, Dai Mission Ministries hopes to raise the funds to begin building this monastic Messianic yeshiva at a temporary site in the Gila Wilderness near Reserve, New Mexico (overseen by the Roswell Messianic Union). Think of it as a “church camp” and a “Hebrew Roots college”/scriptural library/research institute combined.

These plans are still tentative and open to change in the future.

The construction of Dai Mission itself is now known as “Project Shiloh” — is only “Phase One”, with the founding of the Hebraic research library as the completion of Phase One and the initiation of Phase Two. The construction of a theological campus (“Project Berea”) itself is “Phase Two” of Dai Mission Ministry’s long-term plans, with “Phase Three” — the settling of the Community of Goshen — to occur later.

Of course, we can’t do any of this without your support! If you would like to donate to or invest in the construction and equipping of Dai Mission, please contact us for more information or visit our Donations page.



Plans based on the original concept for Dai Mission in the Gila Mountains of New Mexico, circa 2008.


Keep your eyes on this page and on our News page for future updates about this exciting project!

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