ABOUT US: History

Who We Were

In early 2005 many of the initial participants from various religions met at an Odessa, TX IHOP restaurant and had a conversation that would begin the research that would eventually evolve into what would become Dai Mission Ministries. The question asked that sparked this research was simple… “If there is only one God that created and reigned over the world then why was there so many religions amongst mankind concerning God and spirituality?” Whereas these conversations often arouse passionate discussions about the differences amongst faiths, this discussion instead focused on the commonalities between them, and the quest to answer this question began. At the table of this discussion were adherents of many religious backgrounds: Catholic, Nondenominational Christian, Baptist, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, and Pagan. From this time until 2008, most of the study group reviewed the history of each of their religions, the origins of their source Scriptures if any, and how the pieces fit. A very Universalist faith concept emerged during this time of study, but as time wore on towards 2008, the group began to a deeper examination into the Judeo-Christian faith, including the many versions of the Bible that had been compiled by the different authorities that governed canonization in addition to the scriptures that were not included in any of the Bibles. The revelations contained within them were groundbreaking to the group, especially the realization that church services performed in most modern Christian churches today do not follow what the Scriptures prescribes much of the time. This unveiled a deep disconnect between the Catholic origins and the church culture that would eventually give rise to the various Christian denominations and the Jewish origins and culture that Christianity was born from. Simultaneously, the group discovered that almost all faiths could trace its origins archeologically back to ancient Sumeria; this knowledge caused the various adherents of different faiths involved in the research to believe that all faiths were once one prior to the time of Babel, and generally concluded that the Tower of Babel incident was most likely the incident that not only divided peoples and languages but religious understandings as well. Most religions have a concept of a “Divine Presence” or “Holy Spirit” that lesser “gods” or “angels” either serve or rebel against; often, these lesser “gods” and “angels” they are repeated under different names throughout religions. Additionally, most religions also have similar codes of ethical conduct and divine forms of reward for ethical deeds or punishment for unethical deeds.

After reaching this point of understanding the study group researching this — which had grown by quite a few members — made the decision to create a place where they could continue focused research on the New Testament period of Judeo-Christian history and organize proper worship services in accordance with our new understanding. Thus, expeditions into New Mexico to find a suitable site for Dai Mission began. Various expeditions by the group were made looking for ideal sites away from the increasing oil activity and crime of West Texas continued until a final expedition into the mountainous areas of Western New Mexico almost resulted in the tragic deaths of the expedition party in 2009. After this incident, the senior members of the group suggested that the Mission project be shelved for the time being. The majority of the group, feeling it was time for a recess in their research, accepted this proposition. They eventually scattered across the country, keeping limited contact with each other and continuing the research on an individual basis without the Mission serving as a central location for their quest for spiritual truth.

From 2009 to 2015, many of the group members discovered congregations under the Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots lines of faith that were closer to where they lived and became members of their congregations. With this discovery of these faith paths, new understanding of the early Christian church period emerged amongst the group members (now going by the designation of “Dai”), and with the oil boom many had returned to West Texas to take advantage of coming to an end. The members of the old group came back together and decided the time had come to resume the quest to form the Mission, now with the intention of it following a Hebraic Roots faith path with the addition of the knowledge the Dai had amassed over all this time. From 2015 to 2016, a site was selected in New Mexico and negotiations with the owner continued until a contingency with the Bureau of Land Management broke down negotiations and the seller was forced to withdraw the property from sale. From 2016 into 2017 additional sites in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado were examined until a prospect site in Southern Colorado was selected and negotiations began. However, despite a highly motivated seller, noted defects in the land caused the group to reject the site in 2017. The Dai selected a better location in Delta County, Colorado that was perfect for the group’s needs, though the property with a higher price than desired. Negotiations have been ongoing with this seller since late 2017; the Dai have since focused upon gathering its members together into local “Unions” for worship and fellowship purposes. Dai Mission Ministries, Inc. was founded on August 2018 by three of the elder members of the group and official organization of the ministry behind Dai Mission Ministries, it resources, its leadership, and its membership has been ongoing since that time.


Who We Are

At present, the elders have been focusing most of its efforts into organizing Union services in the Durango, CO area with a few Christian churches supporting the mission behind Dai Mission Ministries, and on preparing more senior members to go and teach to churches that have expressed interest in a sermon (or “drash”) based on the research and the unique perspective the ministry has about the Christian faith and its origins. Union services for the Delta, CO location are planned to begin in May following Shavuot (or Pentecost). As of the turn of the year, past members have begun to come forward and place small contributions into the ministry’s accounts as efforts to organize fundraising for the ministry have also begun. With finances entering the picture, the Elders decided it would be wise to begin the 501(c)3 application to protect the ministry, current individual donors putting in contributions, and future church donors that have expressed interest in providing financial assistance but require us to have the 501(c)3 tax exempt status to prevent losing their own 501(c)3.


Who We Will Be

For the rest of 2019, the ministry intends to focus primarily in: establishing and maintaining monthly to bi-monthly Union worship services on Friday evenings and on New Moon shabbat days at each of its locations to form a regular service pattern; collecting its current membership into the larger fellowship body; and attracting new members interested in the services. For 2019, the ministry has committed itself to hosting special services for the Hebraic feast holidays of Shavuot (also known as Pentecost), Rosh Hoshana (the Jewish New Year, also known as the Feast of Trumpets or “Yom Teruah”) at the beginning of the High Holy Days, and Sukkot (also known as the Feast of Tabernacles) at the close of the High Holy Days. A small Hanukah celebration is also planned as a regular service for each Union location. The training and sending of teachers to Christian congregations interested in the Hebraic roots of their faith is expected to continue through 2019; this will be done with the intent of strengthening the faith of fellow believers and building healthy relationships with the leaderships of these congregations. For the years of 2020 and 2021, the ministry intends to maintain this general course: perfecting its Union services, Shavuot, and High Holy Days celebrations; continuing to build relationships with other congregations; and strengthening its membership. In 2022, efforts to establish Dai Mission itself in Delta County, Colorado are expected to begin at that year’s beginning and will hopefully be completed by that year’s end. The ministry hopes yeshiva services at the newly built Dai Mission will begin at the start of 2023.


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