Messianic Unions


The Messianic Unions are at the heart of Dai Missions Ministries. Our Messianic Unions are ministerial alliances of Messianic Jewish synagogues, Hebrew Roots congregations, pro-Israel Christian churches, and non-affiliated Early Christian reconstructionist movements.

Our Messianic Unions:

  • …provide conference locations for all local congregations and small groups;
  • …provide outreach resources and services for faith-friendly work, housing, food pantry, counseling, and other forms of charitable assistance;
  • …provide a worship location for small groups and congregations and a house of prayer for individual members.

Our Messianic Unions also encourage fellowship among congregations; promote unity in the body of Yeshua/Jesus; serve as neutral mediators in conflicts between member congregations and a venue for constructive discourses; assist new congregations with set-up and organization; and host monthly erev (Friday evening) services and special events.


Each of our four unions serve the Four Corners region and their surrounding states altogether.
Currently, Dai Missions Ministries is directing its efforts at organizing Messianic Unions in the following regions:

  • Dai
    Soon to be located in Silver City, New Mexico, this union serves eastern Arizona, western New Mexico, and the Gila Mountain region.
  • Messiana
    Soon to be located in the Uncompaghre Valley, this union will serve the Western Slope of Colorado and Eastern Utah.
  • Negev Nueva
    Located in Clovis, New Mexico, this union serves eastern New Mexico and West Texas.
  • Sepharia
    Soon to be located in Alamosa, Colorado, this union serves northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.


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