UPDATE: Dai Small Groups


Dai Mission Ministries has officially decided to create and sponsor small group congregations in each of our Union territories. We will be incorporating these into our ministry structure and listing them on our website soon.

Sometimes, no church, synagogue, or other religious organization in a given area is affiliated with Dai Mission Ministries, and some areas have no Messianic Jewish/Hebraic Roots presence whatsoever. Small groups answer that desperate need. These are small collections of believers and seekers — as the name “small group” suggests — that meet up wherever they can: coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, parks, public meeting places, or at the houses/living spaces of the organizers or some of the members. Some small groups even meet up at local churches, synagogues, or other congregations who may be friendly toward their theological teachings, but who may not want any official involvement with Dai Mission Ministries for one reason or another.


In general, small groups will be run by individual Deacons affiliated with Dai Mission Ministries, and each Deacon will have the freedom to run their small groups as they see fit, operating under the authority of their local Dai Mission Unions. This offers small groups much more freedom compared to organized congregations or other religious entities.

We’re still defining what Dai small groups will be and how they’ll be run. If you’re interested in running a small group and helping Dai Mission Ministries define our small group structure, contact us for more information.

UPDATE: 2020 Ministry Elections Coming Soon!


It’s Election time again!

No, not those 2020 elections! The Dai Mission 2020 Ministry Elections are coming up soon! If you would like to run for any open Elder position, or to announce your candidacy as a Deacon, now is the time to do so!

So far, the current candidates for each open Elder position are:

  • President: Benjamin F. Terry, III, MAcc [unopposed]
  • Secretary: Jerod C. Batte [unopposed]
  • Treasurer: no candidate running
  • Engineer: to be announced
  • Fundraiser: no candidate running
  • Housing: no candidate running
  • Kashrut: to be announced
  • Durango Union Elder: no candidate running
  • Goshen Union Elder: no candidate running
  • Sergeant of Arms: no candidate running
  • Utility Elder: no candidate running

At present, Ben Terry and Jerod Batte are running unopposed. However, both Mr. Terry and Mr. Batte freely welcome opposition, as open elections with multiple candidates are the cornerstone of any great democracy. If you would like to run against Mr. Terry or Mr. Batte for those ministry positions, please contact us to throw your hat into the ring!


The date of the upcoming 2020 elections will be announced after the Council of Elders meeting on 13 September, 2019 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

UPDATE: John Schrock Resigns as President

We are sad to report that John Schrock has announced his intentions to resign as President of Dai Mission Ministries so he can focus more on his local ministry, Beit Menorah / The Lighthouse Church in Farmington. We are sorry to see him go, but we understand his concerns and we wish him all the best!

Whenever you wish to return, John, the door is always open. We’ll keep a light on for you!


UPCOMING EVENTS: First Ruidoso Messianic Union Conference


Dai MIssion Ministries will be hosting a Messianic conference at at Bonita Park in Ruidoso, New Mexico. All are welcome to attend and celebrate the Sabbath with us at this beautiful and scenic church campground!

Food, music, dancing, and special speakers will all be part of the event. Stay tuned to this page for updates and changes as time draws closer to the appointed date: Saturday, September 14th at 1:00 PM MST. Begin your preparations to attend now!

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Dai MIssion Ministries will be hosting its first Sukkot celebration event at the Mesa Campground in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico (with the possibility of a change to either the Upper Scorpion Campground or the Lower Scorpion Campground, both north of Mesa on Hwy 15, depending upon circumstances). All are welcome to attend and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles with us in an actual campground, courtesy of the United States Forest Service!

Food, music, dancing, and teachings will all be part of the event. Stay tuned to stay posted for updates and changes as time draws closer to the appointed dates: Sunday, October 13th to Sunday, 20th. Begin your preparations to attend now!

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