MESSIANIC UNIONS: Odessa Messianic Union


The Odessa Messianic Union, headquartered in the heart of the Petroplex of West Texas, will service all of Texas and Louisiana, from El Paso and the Trans-Pecos at its westernmost, the Texas Panhandle and the Red River at the Texas/Oklahoma border at its northernmost, the Gulf of Mexico at its southernmost, and the Mississippi River and the Pearl River at its easternmost.

This Messianic Union is a temporary union formed to serve the major Dai population centers throughout West Texas, to stockpile resources for charitable and emergency purposes, and to remain connected with the remaining Dai people in southwest Texas to southeast Louisiana regions. This Union will expire at Passover (27 March to 03 April) 2021, by popular vote of the Dai people, and the territories it covers will be folded into the region overseen by the Ruidoso Messianic Union.

Dai Mission Ministries will hold the Genesis Conference at Emet ha Torah in Odessa, Texas, among other gatherings throughout the 2020/2021 time period.


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